The Zedbridge Alternative Education solution provides an entire pre-packaged school (PreK - 8th grade) in the cloud with all the main elements that make up a great school:

  • A dynamic, interactive, collaborative, holistic environment that conforms to high educational standards and can be easily replicated
  • Improved and meaningful classroom instruction that does not require extensive training to ensure success
  • Real time feedback for continuous improvement

Resulting in:

Curriculum that conforms to high educational standards BUT also develops the entire child

  • Teachers equipped with detailed lesson plans that use the best teaching methods to impart knowledge and inspire students
  • Technology centers that allow for interactive exploration, research, collaboration, and the ability to dream and see beyond their quotidian environment
  • Assessment modules that allow for monitoring of the system

The Zedbridge Alternative Education Model

A Hybrid of the Old and the New

Traditional Teaching Approach

This teaching approach follows the traditional method of education using printed material and a curriculum that follows an education standard of a country.

The core of the traditional teaching approach is detailed lesson plans that use the best teaching methods and allow anyone to teach a topic. Lesson plans and student activity sheets for the entire school will be provided weekly to the school.

The goal is to:

Enhance this teaching approach by using new instructional teaching methods so that it is dynamic, interactive and collaborative.

Develop it in such a way that anyone can teach it with minimal preparation time and does not require the use of textbooks.

Innovative Teaching Approach

This teaching approach is based on using a low cost technology center with workstations or tablets. The curriculum will be project based.

The students work in a group and collaborate to present their findings to the class. Classes are taught and monitored remotely through the internet via live instruction or remote instruction.

The "School in the Cloud's" Self Organized Learning Environment(SOLE) model is used initially and then other innovative learning methods will be added, including learning through gaming.

The Zedbridge Alternative Education Components

The Zedbridge alternative education model contains all the essential components(Instructional Material, Training, Administrative tools, Support structure, and Partnerships) required to run a school. It is designed so that it can be easily deployed, customized and scaled and has a support structure that ensures teachers succeed.

Instructional Material
  • ​Follows education standards
  • Curricula for Pre-K - 8th grade
  • Detailed lesson plans 
  • Recorded and live teaching 
  • Teacher Training
  • Administrator Training
  • Deployment Team Training
  • Classroom Management training 

  • Work with local medical professionals to visit the school regularly
  • Partner with the government or organizations to provide food if required 
  • Partner with groups and organizations to provide an after school program 

  • Local facilitators
  • Retired qualified teachers as Mentor Teachers
  • Regular meetings between partner schools 
Administrative Tools
  • Curriculum/Teacher scheduling
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Grade Sheets
  • Monitoring Tools
The Zedbridge Alternative Education Pilot Program

 Various parts of the Zedbridge alternative education model have been successfully tested at our partner school, HC Elementary in Kolkata India.  We are now at a stage to start a two year Pilot program in India, where the program will developed at HC Elementary and then replicated in ten other schools in India using two different education standards and in two different cities. 



The Zedbridge Alternative Education program will be developed and tested at our partner school HC Elementary in Kolkata, India.  A team of qualified and trained teachers will work with the local teachers at HC Elementary to develop the program following India's ICSE Education standard  



The Zedbridge Alternative Education program will be replicated in four other schools in Kolkata India following the same Indian ICSE Education Standard.



The Zedbridge Alternative Education program will be modified to follow the Indian CBSE Education Standard and replicated in five schools in New Delhi, India.



The Zedbridge Alternative Education program will be deployed at 5 schools every month in India


We need your help with the following... 

Lesson Plans

We need your dynamic, inspiring lesson plan(PreK - 8th grade; English, Sciences, Math, Social studies) to provide to teachers that teach underprivileged children. If you have any, please click here to learn more.

Curriculum Developers

We need your expertise to provide a value driven curriculum that develops the entire child - intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual. Click here to learn more.

Remote Instructors

We need Remote Instructors to:

>Teach classes remotely

> Monitor student response

> Develop curricula and lesson plans

Click here to learn more​

Software Developers

We need Software Developers to build on existing software solutions to provide a very simple and easy front end interface. Click here to learn more


We need finances to make this work.  Donate here.